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Our Team

  • Monika Tu Director
  • Jad Khattar Director
  • Michelle Yao Office Manager
  • Adam Williams Creative Director
  • Barbora Marcinkova Sales Consultant
  • Courtney Wong Sales Associate
  • Martha Willder Sales Executive
  • Alice Chen Sales Consultant
  • Tim Le Sales Consultant
  • Natalia Tszyu Sales Consultant
  • Noemi Guttmann Sales Executive
  • Stuart Christie Sales Consultant
  • Dino Lee L.R.E.A
  • Maggie Wu L.R.E.A
  • Chloe Chan Executive Assistant to Monika Tu
  • Jack Fontana Senior Property Manager
  • Greg Howard Sales Consultant
  • Irene David L.R.E.A
  • Roslyn McCormack Sales Executive
  • Claude Kachi Sales Consultant
  • Ivy Lee Sales Consultant
  • Jessie Wu Social Media Manager
  • Stephanie Blakely Talent Acquisition
  • William Chan Sales Executive
  • Adeline An Graphic Design
  • Sunny Luo Sales Consultant
  • Diana Zhang Financial Accountant
  • Renee Zheng Marketing Assistant
  • Richard Beaumont Sales Consultant L.R.E.A
  • Sonia Lim  

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