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Monika Tu

Founder and Director of the Black Diamondz Group, Monika Tu is the Chinese-Australian executive renowned for leading the revolution of global buyers into the Australian property market. Holding numerous accolades, including the Hong Kong Business Association Success Story Award (2014), she was also named Top 10 Chinese Entrepreneurs in Australia at Parliament House (2016), and finalist for both REB’s Innovator of the Year and Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year (2018). She is highly regarded as Sydney’s number one real estate agent for luxury properties and a leading industry expert on the future of Australian real estate.

In 2009, Monika founded Black Diamondz Property Concierge after identifying a niche but burgeoning market of foreign buyers looking to settle in Australian properties. She primarily looks after ultra-high net worth Chinese buyers and bridges the gap between their lifestyle needs and what Australia has to offer.

Monika harnesses a unique and invaluable insight into the upper echelons of Chinese society. Her past experience and unmatched authority in China’s international business industry means that she understands better than anyone the subtleties of the Chinese mindset when it comes to housing, education and lifestyle. Aside from real estate, the Black Diamondz Property Concierge team also handles private school registration, decor and charity involvement; Black Diamondz HR Concierge sources recruitment for bilingual talents; and Black Diamondz PR & Marketing helps western companies develop innovative communication strategies for an eastern audience.

As a testament to her entrepreneurial talents, Monika sits at the advisory board of Laser Corporation, a multinational electronics vendor that she built and grew from a small corner shop in Surry Hills.

A passionate philanthropist, Monika was a top fundraiser for Vinnie’s 2018 CEO Sleepout and is a proud founding patron of the Global Women Leaders for ICRC, the International Committee of the Red Cross. She is also an ambassador for BMW Australia and FOMA, Fashions of Multicultural Australia.


Jad Khattar

Jad Khattar is the Co-Director and Founder of the award-winning, record-breaking, market-leading Black Diamondz Group. Founded in 2009 by Jad and his wife Monika Tu, Black Diamondz has quickly garnered a reputation as being the number one go-to agency for off-market, ultra-high-end, luxury and prestige Sydney properties. In 2014, the company was announced the Australian winner of the International Success Story Award, granted by the Federation of Hong Kong Business Association and presented at the Parliament House.

Property and business are instilled in Jad’s heritage. After completing his studies, he ran a prosperous business in the international building materials trade, with a strong focus on the Middle East and Africa. Re-locating to Australia to work in real estate, he met his wife Monika Tu, who at the time was Co-Director of Laser Corporation, an Australian based electronics company that she had grown to a multi-national corporation, with an electronics range spanning more than 13 categories and boasting a 500+ product range.

Combining their international business successes, passion for true luxury real estate, Monika’s exemplary entrepreneurial track record and Jad’s construction expertise and real estate know-how, Mr and Mrs Jad Khattar and their Black Diamondz Group have proven an unstoppable success story.

Labelled the real estate agency that is ‘redefining the Australian property landscape’, Black Diamondz Group is proudly a community partner for Australian Red Cross.


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